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The dark knight batman saves rachel
The dark knight batman save Rachel clip
dark knight save rachel HD
The easy choice made impossible: Rachel Dawes should have survived The Dark Knight
harvey dent two-face scene in the dark knight
Batman Returns vs The Dark Knight: Both Batman's React to a "Damsel" in Distress
the dark knight harvey rachel scene
Batman Saving Rachel(The Dark Knight Flim)
Rachel Dawes
Batman the dark knight - the party scene
Did Batman break his one rule?
4 Essential Principles for Creating the Ultimate Antagonist - The Dark Knight - Rachel Death
Rachel's Farewells to Harvey
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Rachel Dawes
When Harvey is the hospital Jim Gordon visit him, Harvey knows that his face is burned, so he tells to Gordon to say his nickname, twofaces.
Batman Begins Warner Bros final "
Of those that know of Bruce's nocturnal activities, Rachel is toast while Alfred, Lucius and Gordon preserve the mystery, knowing how much Bruce has had to ...
Rachel Dawes knows everything about Bruce Wayne and Batman, but she chooses to marry Harvey
The Dark Knight (2008)
The Dark Knight turns 10: EW critics revisit Christopher Nolan's Batman phenomenon
Gordon asks who Batman is going to save. Batman says "Rachel". Gordon yells to his officers "We're going after Dent". Batman gets to the site ...
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【spoiler】Batman Begins (clip 11)- Batman Reveals His True Identity to Rachel - YouTube
While Bale's raspy Batman voice is often lampooned in pop culture, Bale didn't actually alter his vocal approach compared to "Batman Begins." Nolan made the ...
In the Joker’s cruelest gag, he kidnaps Bruce Wayne’
Chris Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' Remains A Grand Film Marred By Its Grim Legacy
Rachel Dawes died in 2008's The Dark Knight when the Joker gave Batman a choice. He could either save her or Harvey Dent, as both were tied up at opposite ...
Katie Holmes was asked to return as Rachel Dawes, but turned down the chance to
Why the Plot Holes in The Dark Knight Don't Matter
Batman vs Scarecrow / Batman Saves Rachel | Batman Begins (2005) Movie Clip
Film Review: 'The Dark Knight'
Christian Bale: I could have been a better Batman
Joker says that he has a better offer than “the TV set.” He will kill Batman, since he's responsible for everything that's gone wrong.
The Dark Knight Poster · Trailer
High Resolution Shots & Two Face Image May 4th, 2008
Aaron Eckhart with make-up and motion capture markers on set. Below is the finished effect.
Should Batman have taken the rap for Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight?
Much has been said about Christopher Nolan's original foray into the Dark Knight universe with what is possibly his best film to date, Batman Begins.
... like that of magic; 19.
The dark knight rachels death jpg 1280x720 Batman dark knight rachel
The best scene of The Dark Knight sees Batman and The Joker face off in an interrogation room. Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes have gone missing.
The Dark Knight's only redeemable character is the criminal who saves the ferries
Film / The Dark Knight Trilogy
Captured by the Scarecrow
Batman / Bruce Wayne
The Dark Knight Rises
OTHEROTHER: Rachel's letter to Bruce ...
Rachel Dawes maggie gyllenhall dark knight
As Batman and the police are rushing towards the two prisoners, Harvey awakens to hear Rachel's voice. Whoever captured them set up an intercom system so ...
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A man in a batsuit, with a cowl on his head, a utility belt
Sash Angeles: Why 'The Dark Knight' isn't that good
In this scene, Joker crashes a charity ball and begins terrorizing everyone before the Batman shows up to save the day.
"Someone like you, someone who will rattle the cages."
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how do you get an arrow out of your nutsack?
The Dark Knight – Joker quotes
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High Resolution Shots & Two Face Image May 4th, 2008
"The Dark Knight" Children's Book—Because Kids Like Batman, Too
The trouble with Rachel Dawes
"People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy and I can't do that as Bruce Wayne."
Top 10 motivational Quotes From Batman Dark Knight Trilogy That Will Motivate You
Rachel Dawes
The Dark Knight (2008) Movie Summary
i was on another forum and someone was complaining so bad about how unattractive racheal was and kept calling it bad casting so i was curious to what vesti ...
Scenes Spotlight: The Dark Knight's Interrogation and Harvey Dent Dinner scene
The Dark Knight (+ BD Live) [Blu-ray]
Product Image Product Image: The Dark Knight Joker 1/4 Scale Figure
Film Analysis : Why is Joker, the ultimate antagonist to the Dark Knight?
In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman and Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) hopped on the vehicle during their battles with Bane (Tom Hardy) and the new League of ...
An early draft of "The Dark Knight" referenced Rachel Dawes'
'Batman': 41 Most Memorable Quotes From The Dark Knight Trilogy
... is a Dark Knight. dark_knight_35_end_2h18min34
Batman vs Scarecrow / Batman Saves Rachel - Batman Begins [1080p HD]
The Dark Knight (2008) ...
You may also be interested in our first round of images, from the previous trailer.
I bet you weren't aware of the real reason why Batman couldn't save Rachael in The Dark Knight or why Katniss had a bit of trouble finding the Cornucopia in ...
The Batman comics that inspired The Dark Knight's hyper-realism
Alfred is also a huge factor in Bruce's life and actions. He may actually be what draws and holds everything together, all things considered.
The Dark Knight
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